Because my life is made of not just myself, but those people and things that surround me, my family is often mentioned in this journal.

AJ aka Son

There aren’t words for the joy that he brings me. Every day of my life before him, I struggled to understand why something felt missing and every day since I know what that part was. The night he was born, I sat up in my hospital bed, though exhausted, and cried for 3 hours straight because I loved him. He makes me laugh more than anyone else, worry harder than anyone else, and makes my heart burst stronger than anything else.

Molly is a 5 year old Wheaton-terrier mix. She’s stereotypical Wheaton: loyal with a heart of gold and strongly attached to one human–me. It’s not to say that she doesn’t love the other humans in the house. However, after a near death experience where I “saved” her from a German Shepherd while she was outdoors training, she’s been rather attached to me. She’s a good big sister for the other dogs and is patient and kind to my son.

Part adoration incarnate-part evil incarnate. Weiner is a dachshund-pom mix who wants one thing in life: To be where AJ is. If that’s not possible, she wants to be asleep. If you are touching her, even if it’s to give her love or rub her belly, she is going to growl at you. Her bark is much worse than her bite and her stomach is almost as wide as she is long. She is also AJ’s biggest fan at his little league games.

The Pea
Sophie is precious to me. She’s the cuddliest dog in the world. The dog that only wants me in life to be happy. She also snores like crazy and protests my ability to go to work in the morning by refusing to come in the house after her morning business. She was a rescue dog and thus is incredibly needy. She has really taken to her daily walks and will cry, pout, beg and “dance” for them.


Prue is the Devil. She goes after the other dogs and will bite your nose, ankles or clothing if you aren’t paying her enough attention. She can also get out of any fence and has learned everything she knows from Sophie. Her saving grace and the only reason she hasn’t found a new, more tolerant mommy, is that she is cute. She only wants to be near me and bite the other dogs a little. That’s all.

Francis is a cat. We recently found out she’s a girl. This is what she does. She’s not my cat. I like cats. Francis hates me. The end.


RIP PETEY 5/1/2011

Petey is my sweet little baby turtle. My son found him in the back yard and he was an abandoned baby. We take really good care of him. He’s a little snarky, but a lot of fun. He keeps me company while I do my homework.