I’m picky.

Really picky.

Some people, none that I would ever hang out with, but some people, might even call me spoiled.

But I don’t know any of those people. Mom, I’m talking to you.

Anyway, I’m picky about many things, but one thing that I don’t compromise on is my hair care. There are about 3 brands I will use, after testing almost everything out there. One of them is the Redken brand. I like the way it makes my hair FEEL and the way my hair works WITH me instead of against me when I use it. I don’t always like the different scents, but, again, I’m picky. I’ll put up with a scent if everything else works, and in most cases, it does.

I found redken products in which everything, including scent, falls together nicely. Those products are the Smooth Down line.

Even though I’m picky about my hair, I’m fairly low maintenance about it, too, as anyone that has met me in person can attest. I like to ponytail/bun/braid/scrunch and go. These allow me to do it.

So, because it’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway and because I like this stuff so much, I up and bought you a present. Yep, the giveaway is sponsored by yours truly and no one is paying me to say the good stuff, though Redken, if you are out there, I’ve already done the dirty work and if you want to throw me a bone, I’m here.

Here’s how to enter and the types of chances you can take to win:

1) Leave a comment before September 30, 2009 at 5pm CST telling me who you’d give this set to if you won. It can be you, your wife, your sister, your mom, whomever.

2) You can tweet this giveway and/or link it on facebook and/or link to it on your own blog for extra chances to win! Make sure you leave individual comments so all of your entries count.

3) New blog followers/subscribers get one extra chance! Make sure you leave an individual comment letting me know how you are following/subscribing.

4) Loyal blog followers/subscribers (meaning you’ve been here for at least the last week) get three extra chances. Make sure you leave an individual comment for each of these.

5) Follow me on twitter or already following me on twitter earns you 1 more. Don’t forget to leave an individual comment for this.

Things to know:
**US only for this one. Sorry, it is super heavy and I don’t want to try to ship liquids internationally.
**Comments posted after the deadline won’t be included in the drawing.
**If you win, you must email me your mailing address within a week of the drawing end in order to receive your prize. I am not responsible for anything that happens once this stuff leaves my hands. If it explodes, leaks, gets lost, etc., I’ll feel really bad, but I can’t replace it.
**I will be using a randomizer to choose the winner of the giveaway. As long as your answer fits the criteria, you are eligible (unless you are me, Leon or A.J.)

Things to remember here: 1/You can always follow me on twitter to get sneak peeks at giveaways and find out when they are coming and 2/the giveaways are made possible by me.

I’d like to make my giveaways more frequent/more awesome, but that will only happen if I receive support via my paypal button or my wishlist (not required, but if you are happy with the site and want to support me, that’s awesome), both of which are located on the right hand side of your screen. If you wish to sponsor a giveaway item yourself or promote your own store/site, please contact me. Thank you!