What do you do when the two people you thought you could trust both turn on you at the same time in the same act? If you are Lucy Marinn, you discard both of them and move on. In Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas, which was a free offering from Goodreads for me to review, I was given the chance to see how one author thought a person might respond in this situation. Lucy and Kevin are the ideal couple. They might even be too ideal and fall into the realm of boring; Kevin is almost too perfect for Lucy. As this thought becomes overwhelming to her, Kevin tells her it’s over and, not only that, but he’s in love with the sister with which she’s always had difficulty connecting. Lucy feels that she can’t even count on her parents, who baby her sister, to be on her side. It is when this happens that an automobile hits her while she is bicycling and she is literally thrown off her feet.

Lucy’s not having a great time lately.

Kevin attempts to do damage control and asks his friend Sam to woo Lucy so that the family can have peace because he is serious about being with Lucy’s sister. What he doesn’t realize is that Sam already knows Lucy, likes Lucy and, though he’s a confirmed bachelor, is having some interesting thoughts about Lucy.

In this tale of romance, there are some mystical elements that enhance the story as well as enough humor to make it move quickly. I never had any doubt as to how it might end, but there were enough twists to make me wonder how it might get there. It is a wonderful beach read and I am excited that it is a series. The men in the story are handsome and solid and the women are delightful and people I might like to have for friends. Kleypas knows how to write for women.