When the wonderful folks at MacMillon Audio asked if I wanted to review one of their audiobooks, I jumped on the chance. I commute to work and find that I get bored pretty easily without something auditory to enjoy. After being allowed to look at several options, I gleefully selected Cinder, by Marissa Meyer, as I had been eyeballing the book for some time now on a few early reader sites. When it came in the mail, I immediately popped it into my car cd player and settled in for some lovely commutes.

Cinder doesn’t disappoint on any level. The narrator has a solid, pleasant voice and does a stellar job of distinguishing different characters and accents. With an intriguing plot (Cinderella meets Black plague meets desperate future world), I was captivated from start to finish. I frequently found myself sitting in my car after arriving home for “just 3 more minutes.” When the ten hours of audio finished, I was blown away by the ending. Cinder is the first book of a set and it left me craving more. Throughout the book I kept asking myself the following questions: Would Cinder find happiness? Would Kai figure out what happened in time? What was the cure for the disease? Is the doctor good or bad? Will Cinder save her sister? There are plenty of questions in this book to keep you jumping from start to finish, but the book is so well written that I stayed on the edge of my steering wheel for the entire ride.

Marissa Meyer noted on her twitter feed that the next book is not due out until next January and, frankly, I don’t know if I can wait that long. Cinder has brought me into this future world and the audiobook held me in it like a child being read a fairytale at night before bed. I found myself thinking about the book during the day and it allowed that escape that few novels do anymore. Cinder is an excellent young adult novel with no foul language, that I heard, and no real adult themes unless you count a cyborg almost short circuiting when in close contact with a handsome prince or an android giggling about picture a human prince in the nude as a real adult theme. I found them charming and like the things that young teenagers giggle about at slumber parties.

Cinder is a beautiful, sweet-natured, refreshing change of pace and I appreciate MacMillon Audio for allowing me a free copy to review. If you don’t believe me, have a listen for yourself to a short clip from Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

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