It’s been a while since it’s been a good February. Generally, in Nashville, February is the one month of the year that wears people out, likely because it’s beautiful for most of the rest of the year. In February, in both weather and life, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. For example, it may be 70 degrees on a Saturday and snow the following Monday. People are doing fine one day and the next they are sad, lonely and hurting without much cause other than a change of day. No. February has not been good for a while, now.

Quite a bit of change is happening both within my home and with my close friends, acquaintances and neighbors; So much change is occurring that I have often wondered if there is something in the water lately. People are feeling restless and tired of their lives. It’s the first year that I can remember people genuinely celebrating Groundhog day as a hopeful day in which Spring would come soon and wash away the pain and upset of a winter that never really happened where I live.

Another February will be here before we know it and what I think I am learning is how very important it is to live in the moment instead of worrying and wondering about all of those moments between now and then. It’s a Zen approach and I find that it allows me to stay focused and move forward with purpose. Spring is coming. For now, I’m looking for the good in this bad February.