I’ll admit it, I’m such a girlie girl. Before the feminists beat me to a pulp, perhaps rightfully so, I’ll just say that I’m not mechanically inclined. I try really hard, but I’m just not there. So, when I find something that makes life easier, I tend to jump on it and grab it and hold it like gold. Therefore, giving away the freebie that Husky Tools sent me (*note to the FTC-this was a freebie*) to review makes me feel a bit like Scrooge.

Home Depot is offering a bunch of really cool tools for under $20 this holiday season. Being a really awesome company, they offered to send some bloggers some of the tools to review and giveaway (not review and keep–bah humbug) to their loyal readers. I got a super cool screwdriver set.

I’ll admit that when they said they were sending me screwdrivers to review that my initial reaction was “how on earth am I going to review screwdrivers? Don’t you just put it on the screw on turn it?” Yep. I’m crafty like that. When I got the screwdriver kit, though, I was like a kid in a candy store. It had all these cool little bit things. Every bit you could think of was in this kit (like 12 of them!). The batteries were included (YES!!!) so it makes an easy holiday gift. All I had to do was take the little paper out, which was thoughtful of them, so it didn’t drain the juice. I immediately started assembling and pushing the right and left buttons to watch the bits go back and forth.

And then…I did something that was decidedly male…I started looking for things to take apart. Oh yes. There had to be something in the house to take apart. And we’re just going to leave the story as to what was disassembled there because you really don’t need to know more about that. What I will say is that this screwdriver is AWESOME and I’m loathe to give it up (ARGH!). For $10, I’m considering putting it on my wishlist. Mom, are you reading this? Everyone needs a good screwdriver. If I hadn’t said I’d give it away, I might have actually given it to her as a gift. We love the freebies.

However, now I have to give it to one of you. One slightly used and gleefully toyed with screwdriver is up for grabs.

It can be yours if you win.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment before December 15, 2010 at 5pm CST telling me one thing you love about this time of year. (1 chance)

2) You can tweet this giveaway and/or link it on facebook and/or link to it on your own blog for extra chances to win! You can do this as often as you like, but it only counts once. (1 chance each)

3) You can add the blueshelled facebook page to your facebook pages! This is going to make me really happy. (2 chances)

3) You can put a blueshelled.com blog button (seen in the sidebar-along with code to add it to your blog or website) on your blog or website, or if you already have one, you qualify, for 3 extra entries. I will verify this before your entries will count. Let me know it’s there and where I can find it. It’s pretty!

Things to know:
**Comments posted after the deadline won’t be included in the drawing.
**I can only ship in the United States. I’m sorry to my International folks. I adore you, anyway.
**If you win, you must email me your mailing address within a week of the drawing end in order to receive your prize. If you do not, I will re-draw for the prize. I am not responsible for anything that happens once this stuff leaves my hands. If it gets lost, etc., I’ll feel really bad, but I can’t replace it.
**I will be using a randomizer to choose the winner of the giveaway. As long as your entries fit the criteria, you are eligible.

Things to remember here: 1/the giveaways are made possible by me and my sponsors. I rely on word of mouth to bring people to my blog. Please spread the word about blueshelled.com! 2/If you or anyone you know might be interested in sponsoring a giveaway here, please let me know. 3/ This blog sucks up the love. Thanks!