You may have come here expecting a video of someone running crotch first into a cactus. We live in a society conditioned by America’s funniest videos to expect the worst, don’t we? This is bad, but not that bad.

Leon and I have been together almost ten years. About 3 years ago, Leon decided that, due to my brown thumb and my inclination to kill plants while I tried to keep them alive, that he would get me a small cactus. He proudly proclaimed, “Honey, you can never kill this thing!”

When he recovered from the death glare he received, he handed over the little cactus, which was about the size of a small shot glass. I took it from him and watered it when I remembered to do so. I gave it light, when I remembered to do so. And I remembered to move it from our apartment to our new home, when we moved.

The little shot glass sized cactus LOVED the new house. I’ve never seen anything like this. I put it in the window in my kitchen, right next to all the dirty dishes I won’t do, and it flourished. A lot. And it still does. To where it has become this. And this is why I can’t have houseguests. Enjoy.